Jade Total Body Detox Home Treatment Kit

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Powerfully detoxify your body and mind with this advanced detox home treatment program. The original Jade Total Body Detox Home Treatment features the healing powers of the precious jade stone, which has been used throughout centuries to deeply detoxify, rebalance and heal the body while uncovering skin’s radiance, youth and tone.

Our centuries proven East Asian Herbal Formulas, infused with Jade Powder, will revitalize and rebalance your entire system. This East Asian royal gem treatment, which was once offered to only the most prestigious individuals of the Royal Court, will prove to be the most complete and unforgettable detox experience.

Jade Total Body Detox Home Treatment Packages:

  • Total Body Detox Formulas
  • Royal Ginseng Energy Formula
  • Total Body Detox Soak
  • Stress-Relieving Detox Patches

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