Jadience® Herbal Formulas’ Detox Collection™ works to improve and strengthen the natural detoxification process of your mind, body and spirit. Instead of “forcing” toxins from your body, which often leave you feeling drained, off-balance and result in only temporary changes and uncomfortable side effects, our formulas use a combination of key herbal ingredients: Dandelion, Burdock Root and Licorice Root to increase chi and have your organ systems work at their optimum, thereby releasing accumulated toxins for an overall balanced condition.

The Proper Way to Detox…

Every day you take a wide variety of toxins and chemical into your system from your lifestyle, stress, habits, the food you eat and even the air you breathe. Over time these toxins accumulate, putting stress on your organ systems, which inevitably hinder your body, deter your mind and restrain your spirit.  Just as there will always be day and night, there will always be negative and positive elements in your body.  Therefore it is of utmost importance to increase your chi (life force energy), in order to strengthen the function of your organ systems and purify your mind and spirit so that your body’s natural detoxification process works at its optimal level.

Our products deliver lifelong health, beauty and inner peace for an unforgettable experience.  Our unique home treatment regimens utilize the powerful effects of centuries proven East Asian Herbal Formulas that are taken internally and are applied externally, to fully harmonize your mind, body, and spirit.   These ancient formulas, which were once available only to the Royal Families, work to fully harmonize and strengthen your organ systems so that they function optimally enabling you to continually detoxify and purify your mind, body and spirit of harmful toxins and chemicals. Our home treatment program follows the original East Asian method of detoxifying all three elements of your being, which is the true and gentle method of detox that leads to lasting beauty and longevity.