Herbal Meditation Collection

To achieve a deeper and more rewarding meditation experience or to simply relax, Jadience herbal meditation products provide the perfect solution. For centuries, those achieving mastery of meditation have used herbal formulas to enhance their meditation sessions in order to achieve phenomenal results with their practice.

Today, millions of individuals never have the opportunity to achieve a true meditative state, because the majority of their meditation session is spent trying to relax and focus the mind. Jadeince’s rare formulas contain a unique blend of East Asian herbs that properly prepare you for meditation by releasing blocked energy, relaxing the muscles, quieting the mind and allowing chi (energy) to flow smoothly throughout the body.

As a result, you quickly enter into a state of meditation, allowing you to meditate longer, achieve deeper levels of meditation and have a more enriched experience. Through proper meditation you are rewarded with enhanced beauty, increased energy, greater flexibility, mental clarity and overall superior health.