Skin Care Regimens

Complete Skin Care Regimens:

  1. Cleanser (am & pm)
  2. Exfoliator (pm)
  3. Mask (at least 3x/week)
  4. Toner (am & pm or throughout the day)
  5. Serum (am and/or pm)
  6. Facial moisturizer (am & pm)
  7. Eye Treatment (am and/or pm)
  8. Gel (apply to any blemish throughout the day; also use on areas prone to blemishes)
  9. Soak (Maintenance: 3-5 bottles/month; Therapeutic 3-5/week until skin condition improves)

Quick Skin Care Regimens:

  •  Cleanser (am & pm)
  •  Exfoliator (pm)
  •  Toner (am & pm or throughout the day)
  •  Serum (am and/or pm)
  •  Facial Moisturizer (am & pm)