Body Collection

Jadience® Herbal Formulas’ Body Care contains over 25% active herbal ingredients, which are formulated according to proper East Asian, herbal methods. When these formulas are applied to the body, they stimulate acupressure points, which directly connect to main organs throughout the body promoting health and well-being.

HydraNourish Body Lotion

Hand & Foot Collection

Revitalize hands, feet and nails with Jadience Herbal Formulas’ line of all natural, herbal products that soothe, rejuvenate, detoxify, and relieve tension. East Asian herbs detoxify, balance and restore the skin and nails, improving their overall appearance and health. Hands and feet become energized and tension free. Our all-natural formulas are made with the finest East Asian herbs and have been used for centuries by Eastern Physicians to cleanse, purify, nourish and rejuvenate.

Today, Jadience Herbal Formulas blends these time tested formulas with modern knowledge and processing techniques to provide the highest quality, Asian herbal products.