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Jadience Delivers Traditional Oriental Medicine

Published : 01/15/2010 by Michelle Guerin

After a stressful week, nothing feels better than an afternoon at your favorite spa.

We spa-goers often choose treatments that we’re familiar with, including massages, facials or even more indulgent body wraps. And on most occasions, we leave the spa feeling happy, refreshed and ready to take on the world. But, do we ever stop and think if these services are providing us with anything beyond basic relaxation?

North American spas have always been a place where people go to get pampered. And, I’ll be the first to say there’s nothing wrong with a simple serving of R&R. But, in Asia, the concept of wellness has always been the spa experience priority, and Traditional Oriental Medicine treatments incorporate herbs, acupuncture, and acupressure to help spa-goers maintain health, while getting pampered. Although Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) treatments have been proven effective for thousands of years, the majority of North American spas are just recently becoming aware of and beginning to embrace TOM inspired wellness rituals.

In San Diego, a local company called Jadience is making TOM products available to the mass market and doing its part to change the way North America spa-goers understand health and beauty. Founded by locals, featured at local spas, and now with a retail line available for purchase at local Whole Foods stores, get to know Jadience with the woman behind the brand, Jenelle Kim.

DiscoverSD: What are the differences between TOM spa treatments and common North American spa services?
Jenelle: The difference is that common treatments out there relax the body, whereas Traditional Oriental Medicine treatments work to rebalance the organ systems by incorporating herbs, acupuncture, and acupressure. In Asia, the concept of wellness has been an integral part of the spa experience for so long, and people frequent the spa not only for relaxation, but more so for maintaining health.

Traditionally, North American spas have been a place where people, for the most part women, have gone to get pampered and to escape from everyday life.

They might get a facial for their skin or a massage because it makes them feel good and relaxes them in the near term. In Asia, the process is taken a few steps deeper by incorporating medicinal treatments, which have been practiced for thousands of years and produce more lasting results.

It is very important to note that Eastern methods of spa treatments are becoming mainstream in North America spas as awareness of these practices increases.

DSD: What are the most universally popular and effective TOM spa treatments?
J: Treatments that incorporate true methods of healing. This can be acupuncture, acupressure and herbal therapy or any combination of the three. They have been proven effective for thousands of years and who can argue with that? This is not to say that other forms of TOM treatments are not beneficial, but these are the most common methods we see in the spa. These methods are becoming increasingly popular because the patient (or client) can feel and see results immediately.

Jadience’s treatments, specifically, blend proper internal and topical herbal formulas with the stimulation of acupressure points to rebalance the body systems, remove toxins, increase chi and calm the mind. One of our most popular treatments is our Jade & Ginseng Slimming Compression Wrap, in which it is common for the client to lose up to 12 inches from different areas of the body depicted in before-and-after measurements. Another highly popular treatment is our Royal Jadeite Facial, which uses our Jade herbal products to cleanse, exfoliate and renew the skin. The combination of properly formulated herbal products and actual Jade rollers works to tonify and purify the skin, showing immediate results.

DSD: Why do you feel this ancient Orient practice took so long to catch on in North America, and how will your brand change the way North American spa-goers understand health and beauty?
J: The truth is that for so long, the East has been somewhat understood and many of their concepts were alien to the traditional Western viewpoint. It has become so much easier in the last twenty years to share concepts, cultures, and methods because of the reach of communication. What was at one time considered the “mystery of the East” can literally be deciphered via the internet in the matter of seconds.

What we are doing at Jadience is advancing the concept of TOM in North America. We are advancing a concept that beauty and overall health work hand in hand. True beauty is the body’s expression of overall health. Traditional Oriental Medicine is as much about prevention and maintenance as it is about healing past damage; proper East Asian adaptogenic herbal formulas, which constitute the base of all of our products, help to prevent and heal damage, and maintain overall health.

We are leading the charge for the large-scale integration of wellness, specifically TOM, in the spa setting through education, and by providing products and treatments that truly help people balance and improve their conditions and achieve lasting beauty.

DSD: The Jadience tradition is deeply rooted in your family history. Can you explain what the “All natural beauty and health from the inside out” philosophy means to you?
J: I am truly honored to be the custodian of these formulas and methods that have been in my family for many generations. This is what propelled me to get my degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and continue my family’s renowned tradition of helping others improve their health.

The phrase “Beauty from the inside out” is unfortunately becoming so common in the beauty industry with no solid explanations for why it is being used, other than it sounds enticing, or how one can achieve this. When I talk about “All natural beauty from the inside out,” I am talking about proper herbal formulations that have been used for centuries to rebalance organ systems and detoxify the body. When balance is achieved, the body functions at its optimal level allowing it to rid itself of toxins naturally. In this way, proper herbal formulations assist the body’s natural cycle versus shocking it into action. A balanced, purified and functioning mind and body is the key to lasting health and beauty and, should I even say it—beauty from the inside out.

The “all natural” part comes from our refusal to use harsh chemicals, fillers, and preservatives as ingredients in our products for both the safety of our consumers and to keep our active herbal ingredients as effective as possible. Under the same “all natural” umbrella falls our commitment to ensuring that we take the necessary steps to make sure that our footprint on the environment is as small as possible.

DSD: Where in San Diego can we buy Jadience products, and what San Diego spas do you recommend for authentic TOM services with Jade products?
J: We are pleased to announce that we recently launched our signature Jadience collection of products in the Hillcrest, La Jolla, and Tustin locations of Whole Foods Markets. This includes our therapeutic soaks, supplements, muscle and joint, detox, slimming products as well as our Jadience line of skin and body care.

To experience our professional-exclusive line of Jade products and treatments you are going to have to visit your favorite spa boutique or acupuncturist. We have so many great spas and acupuncturists that carry our products and treatments in San Diego including The Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn, Bergamot Spa and Boutique in Encinitas, and 20/20 Skin in Sorrento Valley, among others.

Discover more about the Jade spa line or the signature Jadience product line at the official website

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